Festival looks! #02


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As promised in our last post, today I am here to go on with publishing festival looks, bringing you guys three more proving that you can skip the cliche with style and having fun!

What would Lana do wear?

Inspired by Lana del Rey’s outfit on that iconic Born to die Video scene of her running to her man on his car and also by the lyrics of her song Diet Mountain Dew that start with “Baby put on heart-shaped sunglasses…”, I have created this image of what would the Lana of the screen (because in real life she dresses pretty chill) would wear on Coachella or any other festival.

Festival Looks

{ shorts + bolsa + camisa + óculos + tênis }

 She loves guns and roses.

Another Lana title, but just to illustrate this beautiful mix of two feminine sides: the soft, romantic and bohemian of the lace and light pink with the hardcore, sexy and rock n’ roll leather and black. The results is tons of style! #GORGEOUS

Festival Looks

{ blouse + bralet + skirt + bag + boots + sunnies }

Desert Lady

A very nice upgrade to a basic festival look. The studs and applications on the shorts and on the bandanna choker make a HUGE difference, and the light tons of beige and jeans keep it light and for day time.

Festival Looks

{ shorts + top + choker + sunnies + bag + boots. }

So, what you think? What is your favorite from all festival looks so far? Tell me! Personally, I personally, everytime I do a collage I just one to shop the whole look! Hahaha.

xxxx  BK.

This post is also available in pt-brPortuguês

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