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Writing our guide to Coachella, we covered why you MUST do this at least once in your life and how to actually get tickets and when to go, right? So next it makes sense to talk about where to stay during the festival, covering options on houses, hotels and even camping.

First things first.

It’s quite wrong to make this decision without deciding on how do you want to go to the festival in first place from your accommodations. For example, from a number of hotels you can take a bus shuttle offered by Coachella (you buy access for this) that will be going in and out every 25 minutes or so. If that is your choice, consider either one of the hotels covered by the shuttle lines or a very nearby hotel or house.

On the shuttle, on my way to the festival.

On the shuttle, on my way to the festival. Coachella 2016, we stayed at Hotel La Quinta.

Some houses can be rented with a driver included. As perfect as it may sound, think about the poor cell phone signal, so I suggest at least buying a local sim card, that tends to work better than international providers. Imagine also how confusing it can get if everyone at the house decides to leave the festival at different times, and how hard can it get to find your driver… To me it seems like a big trouble but it is a option and I know some people that made this work.

If you are thinking about driving to the festival, just get parking tickets beforehand. I do not recommend if you don’t have a non-drinking designated driver… Let’s enjoy and have fun and not worry, right?

If you really don’t want to worry at all, don’t want to need to move to get there and just want to stay all day at the festival, consider the inside camps. There are more than one types, from car camping to the luxury Safari Tent. Check the info on the website on the year you decide to go, as it changes quite a bit.

Palm Trees at Coachella Hotel.

Palm Springs, La Quinta, Indio, Rancho Mirage: they are all close, but be sure you have a way to getting to Coachella.

If you’ve been thinking about renting a house.

Know there are AMAZING houses around, for very less than a hotel, specially for large groups. But it seems to me that the most beautiful ones are always further from the festival location, so bare in mind the logistics as said. For a group greater than 5,  i think this is probably the best option, and it is much more fun to just stay together, right? I just recommend you get the house stuff organized before getting there, for example grocery shopping. I know some houses with staff can do this for you or you can just do it before hitting the road in LA.

There are a lot of local websites just for rental during Coachella season, but since I haven’t used any, it’s hard for me to recommend. Two very well-know rental websites of course are AirBnB and HomeAway, so i would probably go with these. By experience, last time I checked the coolest houses were at HomeAway so do check both even thought AirBnB is trending now.

La Quinta, my favorite hotel to stay: the closest to Coachella, the best service and best room and amenities.

La Quinta, my favorite hotel to stay: the closest to Coachella, the best service and best room and amenities. – photo.

Considering a Hotel.

To smaller groups, and even if you want to meet new people and just mingle, I do suggest the recommended hotels on the festival’s website, those that have a shuttle stop as I’ve explained. They are always fun and busy and just happening… The pool tends to get fun and loud and the whole weekend is just a big party, in a nice way. People is waking up to music and drinks, it’s just fun.

That said, you can get to all kind of hotels. The best for me was for sure La Quinta, the one I stayed at last year and also the closest to Coachella. The complete list you can find each year updated on their website, just look for shuttle and the hotels they cover.

The bad thing is there are amazing stylish hotels in the Palm Springs area that aren’t covered byt he shuttles, like Ritz-Carlton Rancho MirageParker Palm SpringsAce Hotel… So it’s kind of choice, less exclusive and closer or more exclusive and further. If you want to stay in a hotel outside the shuttle route, ask the hotel if they have something planned for the guests to go to the festival. Do not count on cabs or Uber… It can take hours for you to get one. In one year me and my friends ended up getting a ride from a Mexican driver called Lazaro IN HIS TRUCK to get close to the festival and had to walk… Funny to remember now but think about how dangerous this could be, getting rides from strangers! But he was very nice… Saved our day!

Tendas de acampamento no Lake ElDorado, dentro do Coachella, opção em vez de hotel.

Camping at Lake ElDorado, inside Coachella, an option to where to stay.- photo.

Camping outside x Camping inside the festival.

To be honest, I don’t get why would anyone camp outside the festival giving the option of camping inside it. There are tons of options inside, from car camping, to cheap tend camping to more luxury ones. The Lake Eldorado Camping is just GORGEOUS! I would definitely try it. Not to mention I heard it’s a big party after hours… If a more chill Coachella is your thing, go for it!

I confess I’ve never done camping, but I would of course try their Safari Tents! They are expensive for a camping, the price of a hotel room or even more expensive, but should be fun. They have air conditioners, private showers and even the decor is cute. I will share a pic of this year’s Tent.

Interior Safari Tent 2017.

Interior Safari Tent 2017.

There are even some people that don’t mind the money and just get a Safari tend to hang out with their friends in between concerts and do a little after party! Just keep in mind that only people with wristbands for Safari Tends will be able to go inside, so if you buy a tend for four, that’s a party for 4 only!

Coachella 2012.

Coachella 2012.

But after all, what Coachella experience you hope to have?

With so many information, I do hope i helped more than made you confused. At last, always ask yourself, what Coachella experience are you seeking? Do you want to get your friends and enjoy together? Rent a place. Just being all day at the festival and not wasting a minute moving or in line to go in, also love some adventures and parties? Camp… Like to party but want something comfortable but also accessible? Hotels… Just keep in mind the pros and cons above and chill, at the end it all works out!


xxxx, BK!

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This post is also available in pt-brPortuguês

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