Coachella: Practical Tips! How to be ready for a day at the festival.


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Coachella. When we heard this name we already think about the outfits, am I right? Although I will be soon doing some inspiring content for the festival season, today we will be talking about Coachella practical tips when getting ready to and planning you day at Coachella, what you need, what works and what doesn’t! Because we go in style OF COURSE, have fun ALWAYS, but no suffering is needed.

First day at Coachella 2016. - Coachella Pratical Tips.

First day at Coachella 2016. – Coachella Pratical Tips.

What is your Coachella?

As always, I will start this with a disclaimer. My tips here are for the people who will be actually enjoying the festival the whole day or at least the afternoon until the night. If you will be spending more than 3 hours in location, do consider this tips carefully. If you are just popping for one concert and leaving, maybe you will be fine with heels or whatever you want to dress. And yes, some people go all the way to Indio and just stay a couple hours at  Coachella. BUT, I’m considering my amazing readers will be there enjoying the most they can!

Attention to weather swings!

The weather at Coachella changes so much from year to year! In 2012 when I was there the first time, I had to buy this huge hoodie a night on day one because it was so cold and  I couldn’t handle it, and I was already in a long skirt and sweater! The day after the sun was shining like nothing happened. In 2014 there was a sand storm one day at night and suddenly sunglasses and scarves were life savers because we just needed to protect our eyes.

It is always a mix of hot days and windy night, sometimes too hot and windy, sometimes just fine. After all, this is a desert we are in! So just consider that your outfit needs to be adaptable for all this changes.

★ Practical Tips.

I like to go with summer clothing and take a sweater and/or a jacket with me, in a bigger purse or on my waist. Careful not to take too much stuff that you feel heady and trapped to it, you will want to be loose and free to walk and dance.

But combining three layers for me is what works best: a cropped top or even a bikini top + a shirt, tee, tank top or even a thin sweater + a jacket or at least a heavy scarf. If you arrive in the beggining of the day, you will be walking around in your top just fine, as most girls will be too. This way you don’t have to sweat the hot sun on you, literally. As the day goes by, you will just be covering up from the wind.

Scarves also very very useful.

Coachella 2014, day two - Coachella Practical Tips.

Coachella 2014, day two. Here I’m wearing this sweater with a bikini top under it, that you can see in the next picture. This day was so hot girls were taking their tops and staying in their bras!

Choose shoes CAREFULLY.

Shoes are for me 50% of my outfit. But also 50% of my comfort. The whole venue is in grass… So yes, you can wear block not so high heels. But honestly, don’t go crazy with the party heels for this, it jut can not look good. I recommend flat boots or block heels boots, stylish sneakers or espadrilles like Toms.

★ Practical Tips.

I absolutely love Zara boots for this. They are the most comfortable ever and I can save my designer boots from any damage that can occur. Oh, and Hunter Boots might sound like the best idea ever in a not so tropical festival, likeMoss the muse wore on Glastonbury, but at Coachella you would just melt, DON’T!

Coachella 2014, quando o sol estava muito forte! - Coachella Dicas Práticas


And since we are on the weather subject, let’s please take a second to acknowledge the care our skins will need on those days, deal? The most important thing is of course using a decent sunscreen. If you can only take one product with you to the venue, take your sunscreen and reapply it whenever possible.

You don’t want to be all red and burnt on your first day, trying to cover up with make up the next day and just making more damage to your skin while trying to clean it… Plus, we are all too bright to not be worrying about ageing and skin cancer, right?

If you have extra space I recommend: a thermal water and a face moisturizer. The good news is that all of these three products are sold in mini bottles, so they are easy to carry around. The thermal water is for hydratying and calming your skin with so much sun and the moisturizer will help with the care and protection needed for exposure to a windy weather after so many hours in the sun.

If you are not used to wearing this products, please talk to a dermatologist and have the needed orientation.

★ Practical Tip.

I know we want to look gorgeous, after all Coachella does feel like a fashion show somethimes… And believe me, I love make up and creating looks with it… But, in this case, I strongly believe less is more. Way less to be honest.

Forget completely about primer, foundation and concealer and just go with tinted SPF with a nice coverage. My favorite is called Episol from Mantecorp, a Brazilian pharmaceutical company. It leaves you with a nice glowing complexion… Just try a few and I’m sure you will find the one.

This way you can take it and reapply as needed, both assuring a fresh look and protection. If you are all coverd in make up how are you going to reapply sunscreen. And even worst, how do you expect to be able to maintain a full face make up in a hot weather, with limited purse space and bathroom space? It just can get meassy too easily.

And fresh does look better in this case. Apart from the tinted SPF, I just fill my eyebrows and do a waterproof mascara.  Done!

Sunscreen, mascara and eyebrows filled. Coachella 2016. - Coachella Practical Tips.

Sunscreen, mascara and eyebrows filled. Coachella 2016.


I am guessing you will be wanting to register those Coachella moments… For your phone, I recommend you to get a power bank like this one. I’ve told you about power outlets in location on the post about the  Coachella VIP, but let’s mind this: would you like to have to stay one hour of the festival sitting down just waiting for your phone to charge? Also, late in the evening and at night these things can be pretty busy.

If your photo game is strong and you prefer to take a camera with you, know that Coachella won’t let you enter with what they call “professional cameras”. But professional for them means anything with detachable lenses. So if you have a professional camera with fixed lenses, you are fine. If you have a semi-pro with detachable lenses, not.

★ Practical Tips

My secret for upgrading my photos without carrying large volumes or weight is my beloved DxO ONE. It is very small camera you attach to your iPhone and you take amazing pictures with their app. This video shows it all, i totally recommend it!

Documents, Money and Passes.

I don’t see the point of bringing your whole wallet to a festival or any big event for that matter. Not that I think you can be stolen from, but maybe in the excitement of things you will drop something, or forget somewhere…We never know. My suggestion is just take a document, one or two credit cards and the money you need.

Don’t forget also any passes you need. The actual pass for the festival is a wristband, which helps. But you might be having camping, parking or shuttle passes. Just put it all in a safe place, like a inside zipper of your bag.

★ Practical Tip.

Please if you are travelling from outside the USA to Coachella do not take your passport to the festival with you. There is absolutely no reason to do so and if you lose it it will be a huge mess to flight back! I suggest your driver’s license, which they take very fine of most countries or your ID. Better safe than sorry right? #GRANDMA 😉

Enjoy! Coachella 2014. - Coachella Practical Tips

Enjoy! Coachella 2014.

Last, enjoy it to the most, it is a magical experience! Walk around, meet people, see your idols playing, discover new music, have fun, dance and just enjoy the days!

xxx BK!

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This post is also available in pt-brPortuguês

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