Bonjour! Back from Europa & EVERTYHING behind this trip + Vlog Milan and Lake Como


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Bonjour! I have arrived yesterday from Europe… I’ve rested, did some shopping at the mall (who wants a video?), went to the movies and well, went to bed really early.

I was never one to come back from trips feeling tired. Quite the opposite, i normally feel fresh and ready for the next one. But the truth is, those 15 days felt little like vacations. As you will see in the videos, we visit a lot of hotels and villas, specifically 13 different locations in 15 days, not to mention all the traveling in between cities!

And what was all that for? Well, last year in April, Davi proposed to me in California and we got engaged! As soon as this happened, we decided we would go for a destination wedding. A year later we had not seen a thing about our wedding! So we schedule this trip to look at some locations.

I would LOVE to have more news to share, but the truth is this is really more complicate than it sound. Every place has its points, and even if it was about just choosing the most beautiful one, would be a hard decision. Did you follow the amazing locations on Instagram?

So the truth is that I am not trying to keep any secrets, no decision was made. We are still waiting on more info. Some places for example have all dates we wanted reserved, and we need to know if the bride reserved will book or drop the date. On another location, we are waiting on bar and dinner info, as it all should be booked from one place and we want to make sure it fits our needs and taste. Some other options are checking for extension of time, as we don’t want to end our party at the time they proposed… The verdict is that, frot=m all this amazing places, we will pick the one that will work best.

Anyway, I invite you to take a look with me! While still traveling, I had upload my first video, of  Milan and Lake Como and the hotels I have visited. I won’t be reviewing the hotels I didn’t stay in because that would make no sense, but I will leave the links bellow… The first one I have to admit isn’t very personal… While focusing on visits and schedule I forgot to take the time to chat with you on video and explain everything, but on upcoming videos you will see I manage everything better! Vlog Milan and Como follows:

Vlog Milan & Lake Como

Lake Como hotels: Il Sereno e Grand Hotel Tremezzo. Coming soon, post on the hotel I stayed in in Milan – Principe di Savoia.

Hope you are able to share the excitement and enjoy this with me,



This post is also available in pt-brPortuguês

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