Basket Bags, YES or NO? + How I deal with trends.


Basket bags, that is today’s subject. Because it has really been on my mind, I decided to take some space here to talk about it!

{Inspo: Jane Birkin caring her iconic Basket Bag.}

Trends, trends…

I am really not a big fan of trends, or at least I am not trend follower you could say, unless something really fits my personality. Which is very strong so hard to confuse. But, in rare occasions, some trends scream BARBARA and I just HAVE to join the party. Have to.

The really big thing here is that I do care this said trend to my life, or at least some good seasons and years, not just during the hype. Specially if I am about to do some big investment. So, when I see something going big and catching my eye, I ask myself, For how long will I wear it?

For example, I was incredible tempted to get a Gucci Dionysus bag, which has been hot for more than a year now. The metal detail is very much me, the size is excelente, and I never owned a Gucci bag ever! But, I knew the logo printed ones (with our without embroidery) wouldn’t be a lasting love for me, as I tend to get bored of prints easily. So I considered getting a solid red one. I would get a black one but I just have so many black bags by now. So… I never found it. So I never got it. And the wish for one is kind of going away…. I think.

Searching for Summer Bags.

Lately, I have been searching for summery riviera-looking bags, both for a day at a beach club or summer city walking and shopping and all casual summer traveling moments. I wanted something with a bit more style and charm than the classic Chanel Deauville or the Goyard St Louis, and I keep dreaming of a vintage picnic Hermés Kelly our a vintage straw Chanel for a few years, but never even got to search for one because I have never buy vintage bags before and am not sure how I feel about it!

{ Passou na minha cabeça: bolsas vintages Chanel, uma Hermés Picnic Kelly e a Fendi Baguette em Palha.}

{ On and off my mind: vintage Chanel straw bags, the Hermés Picnic Kelly and the Fendi Baguette also in straw.}

I wanted something very Brigitte Bardot in Búzios looking, or summery Jane Birkin. I hope you get my references: something cute, chic and timeless… The above choices are the top choices in my head, and i still hope to find one to hold on to forever in my collection!

Basket Bags #EVERYWHERE!

In the mean time, this European/American summer has been taken by basket bags from all kinds of brands and simply everyone involved someone with fashion has been sporting their own. One of the most seen bags of the seasons are those from Cult Gaia in different sizes… Personally, I think it is gorgeous but not very practical. But literally all bloggers, socialites and models of the world have been seen with them. (I might be exaggerating with the ALL but you get the idea)

{ Bolsa Cult Gaia, foto: Visual Therapy. }

{ bag by Cult Gaia, credit: Visual Therapy. }

And, in the more designer side, Prada launched its gorgeous basket bag collectios that are really really growning on me. I just want to see them in person for the sizes and colours and see how I feel with carrying them…

{ Prada’s Basket Bag, one of many. Credits: Chouquette. }

At least, just recently, AC Brazil surprises us with their selection of stlylish mini basket bags and I simply could not handle it! If you are not familiar with the brand, AC Brazil is a brazilian fast fashion acessories brand that has a very cool selection of trendy bags and amazing sunglasses, from which my favorite is this one and is always on my bag. You probably have seen it on my vlogs.


{ Bolsas AC Brazil, super fofas! Minha preferida é essa.}

{ AC Brazil bags, too cute to handle! My favorite is that.}

Decisions, decisions…

So… After much dreaming and thinking (lol) this is what I decided: I just ordered mine from AC Brazil.  Just because I knew coming my next summer trip and I had none I would be really bummed.

Like, true sadness.

So, since I am a big fan of this brand and every time I don’t get something from them it gets sold out, we have something coming in soon! Promising right here right now to show it in video, ok?

And about the more high end ones. I will be checking for those available at Prada, but I am still unsure about it. Maybe seeing in person bight clarify something… So unless I really fall in love with it, I will be waiting for a Chanel relaunch, which is really possible, they always do that. Might take years but worth the wait. I am really not sure I would face the investment for a Picnic Kelly, as it is not a very used bag, and I don’t even know if they are still made, so I trust the change for a Chanel one best. In the mean time I can have fun with my mini cutie. What you think?

Can’t wait to get it!

And if you still need more visual inspiration to see if this is for you or not, more pictures bellow!

xxx, BK!

Inspiration Land!

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Cestello – Comida maravilhosa, ambiente moderno em Florença.


Cestello Piazza di Cestello, 50124

Hello there! Today we will be talking about this restaurant in Florence with perfect vibes. Just to die for food, nice music and crowd. It is located at Cestello square and it will be the only restaurant I will be writing about from Florence because well, it is the only one I have been to that I would recommend. Shall  we?

Mood & Decor

Maybe I needed more time to explore the city but this is the second time I am in town and this was suck a highlight of all restaurants. I am holding back not to call it young and cheerful because it really isn’tm but it is as close as it gets to what I have found around town.

The decor is modern with some classic touches, creating a very cool ambience… The outside tables feel more cool and casual while inside more dressed up and nice. You will find both dressed up couples having  a romantic dinner and a young crowd getting together for wine in mini dresses and sneakers! I quite like it.


Cestellos specializes in seadfood, with a nice raw seafood and fish bar in display including a tank for lobsters to choose from. But it alsos carries meats. I was very impressed with the dishes, from presentation to of course, flavors. Just amazing.

Come see!

Starting out.

Tuna Tartar, very fresh.

Tuna again, carpaccio. Just perfect.



Shrimp carpaccio with pasta.


Fresh fish of the day baked in salt crust.

Dress Code.

You already know it but worth remembering: when I write Dress Code here, it is just a suggestion. In this Cestello case, feel free to dress up or down. I even decided to leave you guys to this two different options with the same dress. How nice?

{ Dress down: dress + bag + boots. }

{ Dress up: dress + heels + clutch + earrings. }

If you want to know what I wore that day, this is also when we walked at night in town, the video is up here! Also some pictures of my outfit when we talked about what to buy when in Florence.

And that’s all!




Four Seasons Firenze – The Perfect Luxury Hotel in Florence


Four Seasons Hotel Firenze

Check prices and book your reservations at Booking or

Four Seasons Florença

Detalhes Cúpula Hall

I don’t even know where to start from! We were from a very short stay in Milan, so now let start on with Florence, and the hotel were we stayed!




I must and will start with compliments, because it really is so beautiful… Definitely this Four Seasons equals luxury hotel in Florence.

Before I get in the usual topics,  I want to tell you my first impression coming inside the hotel was, WOW. That’s surreal. It is hard to hold the pounding heart and be more professional here, it is the combination of history and sofistication to such a level of perfection that will just make you, well, speechless. All the details are gorgeous, from the room, to the restaurant and most importantly the garden and the lobby.

ALL the love put out there, I will now hold it and describe everything as seriously as I can, so you can judge from the info, pictures and who knows, maybe in a next adventure?


First things, first. Where a hotel is located is probably the number one worries, right? This is for me, a hotel close to the best historical places and also the best stores, streets and restaurants. We are considering 10-15 minutos walk whatever direction. WELL, there are TONES of more “well located” luxury hotels if you are looking for just shopping or just tourism… But smaller, not that much special options. This resumes as an amazing hotel that you normally would get only being really far away from the main attractions, but within minutes!

On my videos (at the end of this post), you will see I have visit the Belmond too. Although it is AMAZING, and even more “me” (more nature, less history) it is much more distant and private… but to each, its charm..

So yeah, 10 out of 10 in location this one. Four Seasons is amazing, quite movie-like or dream-like, and inside the town, but still very private and exclusive.

Architecture & Decor

You just WILL feel like in a movie when you step in the place, no doubt. The hotel has a very Renascence architecture, with hand-painted ceilings and lots and lots of details and arts. In special in the main building.

There was located Giardino della Gherardesca, a convent and Palazzo (palace) della Gherardesca in the 15th century, which today hold the Four Seasons. Still, some modern touches soften the very classic mood, with for example, some contemporary art in the gardens.


The very nice breakfast is served at La Magnolia, on the ground floor, in a classic and beautiful terrace.

At the garden, we have, for lunch and dinner, Il Palagio, given one Michelin star. I found the outside tables very pretty and scenic, also seen on the videos. Most special is a table located inside a green cave, build naturally with living trees and their branches, such a magical spot! It is a well know restaurant in town, so reservations are advised.

And last, Al Fresco, around the pool, and the name says it all. Very summery, very pool vibes. For a tranquil lunch, grabbing a gelato or even ordering to eat poolside…

Il Palagio

This really makes the hotel very complete, you could definately have a whole weekend in the Four Seasons without leaving the hotel.


To a relaxing day by the pool, I wote this vintage cover up I got in Punta del Este.

Their pool is delicious and relaxing, the decor and restaurant around helps, without it it would just feel like a pool in a gardem. Next to it is the SPA, very very special and a really complete gym.

The gardens are an experience by themselves. Walking around it, siting for chatting, reading or taking pictures (of course!)…. It is all special… you can peek here.

As a city, Florence is very historical and calm. A few days well accommodate in hotel terms goes a long way… Just like relaxing at Four Seasons Firenze, without much schedule and things to do, is paradise. Ocasionally leaving for strolling, tourism, shopping and oh, italian food!


Definitely special! I have toured the room  in this video. Very large, luxurious, amazing… A peaceful, gorgeous and well illuminated bathroom in marble also gets bonus points. And the details, like a large wardrobe, sofas, a small office… Home away from home, promise!

WOW! I think that is it! Wonderful, don’t you think?

xxx, BK!

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More Four Seasons Firenze in these videos:

Aquazzura: The shoes I fell in love with. Or, what to shop for when in Florence.


Hello! It took me a while to actually write this promised post BUT here we are. We have already spoken a bit about it in my Instagram and also on my Vlog (portuguese), still, the love is real so I wanted to take time to share a bit more related to my love for Aquazzura shoes.

Shoe Heaven. Campaign shot by Diego Diaz Marin.

Aquazzura & Me.

Getting to know each other…

I first heard of the brand in 2014, when a collab between Aquazurra and Olivia Palermo took place, with a gorgeous collection. At the time I had no idea but the brand was created in 2011 by Edgardo Osorio.

For me, there is something about man designing shoes that is pure magic. I am a big fan of Brazilian shoemaker Alexandre Birman. To me, men’s vision of what should be on our shoes is gorgeous, sexy and charming – all in a very delicate way. The results are, of course, gorgeous, sexy and charming… Something about how they think ankle wraps, delicate straps, the color palette, the leather quality to touch… Well, they are both my favorite shoes brands today.

But back to the Italian of them. I was, for quite some time, flirting with a pair of Wild Things, the most classic model of the brand. I knew I wanted a red one. In the highest heel, since there is also a midterm and a lower heel. But I had one fear: since I could only find this online, how could I know my size since I had never tried or owned any Aquazurra shoes?

The Wild Things, in Florence.

Finally, we met!

Between shopping for other pieces and having them always back on my mind, it took me a few years to get my feet on what would be my very first Aquazzura heels. When they opened a store in Miami, I was able to check for my number, but I did not find my dream color… How frustrating! Until, this year in my birthday, I was gifted one by my fiance, Davi. I must say, he probably was checking Farfetch every few days because I also did and never found one!

Today, I own two pair of shoes of this brand, but am also sure this number will grow a lot. I now have my eyes on a few different ones, still searching for the colors I want in my size. There are so many models and colors, sometimes is hard to find the exactly one you are lusting for. Or you can just let yourself be seduced by a new idea like I did with my second pair, which was a total spontaneous not planned purchase. But overall, I know exactly what I want and need (thanks to hours of online window shopping), so sometimes it gets complicated. But I am always on the quest, no matter what.

About this second pair, I got them in Florence, the hometown of Aquazurra. I’ve unboxed it in this video. It is in portuguese but you can peek the little art piece. How happy I was to be at the Aquazurra Flagship store in Florence! If there is something you must shop for in Florence is a pair of Aquazurras! Imagine, getting your very first one from there, how lovely!

Oh, You can read more about the brand  here.

Aquazzura Shoes: The Classic

If it is all news for you, I wanted to leave you with the most classic models for you to start you shoe lust! Some are even currently at sale at FarFetch. For the shoes you get, the price is AMAZING. Such a good sale!

On top is the silver Christy flats... On the side in Suede Black is the Sexy Thing and underneath it, the Burgundy Sexy Thing. The red heel is my beloved Wild Thing also shown in nude. Next to it, the black Christy flats. The slippers are called Ananas and you see them in Royal blue and green. Last, their famous ankle boots: Brooklyn in blue velvet & the Downtown in nude suede.


Another detail to share is that the brand is definitely for the women born to travel like me. On their website there is a small section introducing the Aquazzura Destinations capsule collection, which is just, so chic, together with travelling tips. I have checked all the tips and must say, they are excellent, so trust it!

Dicas Malibu por Aquazzura, eu endosso!

Malibu tips x Aquazzura, I agree with them!

More Inspiration

And more, to end this in an amazing mood, my favorite Aquazzura campaign, from summer 2013. It is simple as in not over produced, fun and sexy… Well, just amazing. Also shot by Spanish photographer Diego Diaz Marin, at Italian riviera. Enjoy!

Aquazzura Campaign SS 2013 x Diego Diaz Marin

Aquazzura Campaign SS 2013 x Diego Diaz Marin

Aquazzura Campaign SS 2013 x Diego Diaz Marin

Aquazzura Campaign SS 2013 x Diego Diaz Marin

Aquazzura Campaign SS 2013 x Diego Diaz Marin

Aquazzura Campaign SS 2013 x Diego Diaz Marin

Aquazzura Campaign SS 2013 x Diego Diaz Marin

So, which shoes you want ASAP?

xxx, BK!

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Armani Nobu Milan: High-End Dinner and Apéritif.


Armani Nobu Milan Via Pisoni 1

Nobu MilãoOf course, many of us have been to different Nobu restaurants around the globe, so what makes Nobu Milan so special?

Ambience & Décor

Designed of course by maison Armani and located inside the giant Emporio Armani boutique, the Armani Nobu Milan is still, after years, the high-end posh meeting point of Milan. From business man to the strong fashion scene and everyone in between (bloggers, socialites, the jet set..) , everyone is meeting at Nobu Milan for the ambience, food, drinks and of course, to see and be seen.

It is for sure the Nobu that most feels like it I have ever been, the social scene is STRONG. While in other of their restaurantes the crowd is alike, for example in Miami, there are plenty of other Miami restaurants competing with the same scene. In Milan, Nobu is a top runner miles away from any other location in the “luxury but trendy” category.


The best of it is that the quality remains exceptional, with no need whatsoever to give up on eating amazingly well or being well served to be in the posh scene. Amazing fishes are served by well trained and educated staff. Everything tasted perfect, but in special their famous Miso Black Cod is a must have for after the cold and raw dishes for me! Check all we had:


Rock Shrimp

Tuna Tartare

Tuna Starter



Miso Black Cod

Sashimis & roll.


Sashimis & Sushis.


The wine and drink list are pretty complete. With friends, I would definitely go for the drink list for a more fun night! A lot of the crowd goes for just drinking and a few bites.

In Italy, the Aperitivo (apéritif) concept is quite different from the more well known happy hour in Brasil ou the USA for example. It is not a quick stop after work and before home from some drinks and chill, it is an event itself. Schedule an Apéritif with friends and be ready to be sipping drinks all night and to be ordering food to share.

You will probably encounter some fun and loud tables with Negronis and Spritz with the ocasional appearance of sushis and sashimis. That would be a very Nobu Milan Apéritif.

★ Golden Tip!

To a louder night, consider the downstair room, reserved for smokers. It is the most young, live crowd filled option. Worth going over the smoke and smell.

If you are in a more relaxed, family or date mood, upstairs (non smoking) will give you a more private, chic experience.

I know, you are welcome.

Dress Code.

No, there is not a set dress code. But this is Milan, and we are talking of what is possible the trendiest restaurant around, so a very fashionista outfit or a more chic and sexy option would be great. My picks:

O que vestir para o Nobu Milão

{ body + skirt + bag+ shoes }

Nobu Milao

{ dress + clutch + heels }

O que usar Nobu Milão

{ skirt + tricot + bag + heels + lip kit }


xxxx, BK.

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Vlog: Arriving at Four Seasons Firenze + A walk around Florence


Hello from Londrina! Right now, I am at the office at the same busy schedule as always, but dropping by to leave to you the latest vlog of my trip… In this Florence Vlog, you can see our way from Milan to Florence, us findings this amazing roadside Eataly, the breathtaking Four Seasons Firenze and a stroll downtown in the city!  Last, dinner at Cibréo!

Join us…

Vlog Florence + Four Seasons Firenze



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Bonjour! Back from Europa & EVERTYHING behind this trip + Vlog Milan and Lake Como


Bonjour! I have arrived yesterday from Europe… I’ve rested, did some shopping at the mall (who wants a video?), went to the movies and well, went to bed really early.

I was never one to come back from trips feeling tired. Quite the opposite, i normally feel fresh and ready for the next one. But the truth is, those 15 days felt little like vacations. As you will see in the videos, we visit a lot of hotels and villas, specifically 13 different locations in 15 days, not to mention all the traveling in between cities!

And what was all that for? Well, last year in April, Davi proposed to me in California and we got engaged! As soon as this happened, we decided we would go for a destination wedding. A year later we had not seen a thing about our wedding! So we schedule this trip to look at some locations.

I would LOVE to have more news to share, but the truth is this is really more complicate than it sound. Every place has its points, and even if it was about just choosing the most beautiful one, would be a hard decision. Did you follow the amazing locations on Instagram?

So the truth is that I am not trying to keep any secrets, no decision was made. We are still waiting on more info. Some places for example have all dates we wanted reserved, and we need to know if the bride reserved will book or drop the date. On another location, we are waiting on bar and dinner info, as it all should be booked from one place and we want to make sure it fits our needs and taste. Some other options are checking for extension of time, as we don’t want to end our party at the time they proposed… The verdict is that, frot=m all this amazing places, we will pick the one that will work best.

Anyway, I invite you to take a look with me! While still traveling, I had upload my first video, of  Milan and Lake Como and the hotels I have visited. I won’t be reviewing the hotels I didn’t stay in because that would make no sense, but I will leave the links bellow… The first one I have to admit isn’t very personal… While focusing on visits and schedule I forgot to take the time to chat with you on video and explain everything, but on upcoming videos you will see I manage everything better! Vlog Milan and Como follows:

Vlog Milan & Lake Como

Lake Como hotels: Il Sereno e Grand Hotel Tremezzo. Coming soon, post on the hotel I stayed in in Milan – Principe di Savoia.

Hope you are able to share the excitement and enjoy this with me,



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How to Pack! Packing tips for a perfect trip! (VIDEO)


How To Pack

Hello! Today I am here to bring you a different kind of content. While I was getting ready for my next trip, I decided to tell you how I plan and pack my suitcases, and even a little spoiler on where I am going. Basically, all my packing tips are here, how to pack like a pro! I start with a computer or a planner and just organize everything writing down and just after I get everything moving to the suitcase! But don’t worry that the video is in Portuguese, you can dowload all the tips in english! Have fun!


Select language and add your email to get our How To Pack guid:

And see you in Europe soon! Keep following here, on Instagram and Youtube to enjoy the trip with me, deal?

xxx, BK.

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