Armani Nobu Milan: High-End Dinner and Apéritif.


Armani Nobu Milan Via Pisoni 1

Nobu MilãoOf course, many of us have been to different Nobu restaurants around the globe, so what makes Nobu Milan so special?

Ambience & Décor

Designed of course by maison Armani and located inside the giant Emporio Armani boutique, the Armani Nobu Milan is still, after years, the high-end posh meeting point of Milan. From business man to the strong fashion scene and everyone in between (bloggers, socialites, the jet set..) , everyone is meeting at Nobu Milan for the ambience, food, drinks and of course, to see and be seen.

It is for sure the Nobu that most feels like it I have ever been, the social scene is STRONG. While in other of their restaurantes the crowd is alike, for example in Miami, there are plenty of other Miami restaurants competing with the same scene. In Milan, Nobu is a top runner miles away from any other location in the “luxury but trendy” category.


The best of it is that the quality remains exceptional, with no need whatsoever to give up on eating amazingly well or being well served to be in the posh scene. Amazing fishes are served by well trained and educated staff. Everything tasted perfect, but in special their famous Miso Black Cod is a must have for after the cold and raw dishes for me! Check all we had:


Rock Shrimp

Tuna Tartare

Tuna Starter



Miso Black Cod

Sashimis & roll.


Sashimis & Sushis.


The wine and drink list are pretty complete. With friends, I would definitely go for the drink list for a more fun night! A lot of the crowd goes for just drinking and a few bites.

In Italy, the Aperitivo (apéritif) concept is quite different from the more well known happy hour in Brasil ou the USA for example. It is not a quick stop after work and before home from some drinks and chill, it is an event itself. Schedule an Apéritif with friends and be ready to be sipping drinks all night and to be ordering food to share.

You will probably encounter some fun and loud tables with Negronis and Spritz with the ocasional appearance of sushis and sashimis. That would be a very Nobu Milan Apéritif.

★ Golden Tip!

To a louder night, consider the downstair room, reserved for smokers. It is the most young, live crowd filled option. Worth going over the smoke and smell.

If you are in a more relaxed, family or date mood, upstairs (non smoking) will give you a more private, chic experience.

I know, you are welcome.

Dress Code.

No, there is not a set dress code. But this is Milan, and we are talking of what is possible the trendiest restaurant around, so a very fashionista outfit or a more chic and sexy option would be great. My picks:

O que vestir para o Nobu Milão

{ body + skirt + bag+ shoes }

Nobu Milao

{ dress + clutch + heels }

O que usar Nobu Milão

{ skirt + tricot + bag + heels + lip kit }


xxxx, BK.

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Vlog: Arriving at Four Seasons Firenze + A walk around Florence


Hello from Londrina! Right now, I am at the office at the same busy schedule as always, but dropping by to leave to you the latest vlog of my trip… In this Florence Vlog, you can see our way from Milan to Florence, us findings this amazing roadside Eataly, the breathtaking Four Seasons Firenze and a stroll downtown in the city!  Last, dinner at Cibréo!

Join us…

Vlog Florence + Four Seasons Firenze



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Bonjour! Back from Europa & EVERTYHING behind this trip + Vlog Milan and Lake Como


Bonjour! I have arrived yesterday from Europe… I’ve rested, did some shopping at the mall (who wants a video?), went to the movies and well, went to bed really early.

I was never one to come back from trips feeling tired. Quite the opposite, i normally feel fresh and ready for the next one. But the truth is, those 15 days felt little like vacations. As you will see in the videos, we visit a lot of hotels and villas, specifically 13 different locations in 15 days, not to mention all the traveling in between cities!

And what was all that for? Well, last year in April, Davi proposed to me in California and we got engaged! As soon as this happened, we decided we would go for a destination wedding. A year later we had not seen a thing about our wedding! So we schedule this trip to look at some locations.

I would LOVE to have more news to share, but the truth is this is really more complicate than it sound. Every place has its points, and even if it was about just choosing the most beautiful one, would be a hard decision. Did you follow the amazing locations on Instagram?

So the truth is that I am not trying to keep any secrets, no decision was made. We are still waiting on more info. Some places for example have all dates we wanted reserved, and we need to know if the bride reserved will book or drop the date. On another location, we are waiting on bar and dinner info, as it all should be booked from one place and we want to make sure it fits our needs and taste. Some other options are checking for extension of time, as we don’t want to end our party at the time they proposed… The verdict is that, frot=m all this amazing places, we will pick the one that will work best.

Anyway, I invite you to take a look with me! While still traveling, I had upload my first video, of  Milan and Lake Como and the hotels I have visited. I won’t be reviewing the hotels I didn’t stay in because that would make no sense, but I will leave the links bellow… The first one I have to admit isn’t very personal… While focusing on visits and schedule I forgot to take the time to chat with you on video and explain everything, but on upcoming videos you will see I manage everything better! Vlog Milan and Como follows:

Vlog Milan & Lake Como

Lake Como hotels: Il Sereno e Grand Hotel Tremezzo. Coming soon, post on the hotel I stayed in in Milan – Principe di Savoia.

Hope you are able to share the excitement and enjoy this with me,



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How to Pack! Packing tips for a perfect trip! (VIDEO)


How To Pack

Hello! Today I am here to bring you a different kind of content. While I was getting ready for my next trip, I decided to tell you how I plan and pack my suitcases, and even a little spoiler on where I am going. Basically, all my packing tips are here, how to pack like a pro! I start with a computer or a planner and just organize everything writing down and just after I get everything moving to the suitcase! But don’t worry that the video is in Portuguese, you can dowload all the tips in english! Have fun!


Select language and add your email to get our How To Pack guid:

And see you in Europe soon! Keep following here, on Instagram and Youtube to enjoy the trip with me, deal?

xxx, BK.

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Festival looks! #03


Hello, hello! Last post, at least for now, on the mood of festival looks! Enjoy!


I imagine this look of travelling goddess with a messy wavy hair, minimal make-up and carrying it with lots of style and just a chill and cool mood. Your thoughts?

Looks para Festivais - Festival outfits

{ dress + vest + sunnies + bags + boots }

Blush Babe

The cutest outfit ever gives you style and sexiness and a lot of fun! Also to be worn in so many occasions, right? I’m loving this.

Looks para Festivais - Festival outfits

{ skirt + top + boots +lip kit + bag + sunnies }

All That Jazz

And last, this more different outfit, with gondola hat, trendy white boots that were all the rage at Coachella this year and a mix of styles that is also pretty fun!

Looks para Festivais - Festival outfits

{ shorts + top + hat + bag + boots }

Festival looks…

… was a three post series published to inspire you all after the informative content on Coachella fest, check the complete content here. Visit also Festival Looks #01 and Festival Looks #02.

On a side note…

… I have been posting weekly videos on YT, sometimes about trips sometimes about me and my life! I am very happy with the content and hope you too. I will be travelling in a few weeks and I believe you will love to follow the content, this time i will be posting from there, promise it! Annnd my last video bellow!

xxxx, BK!

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Festival looks! #02


As promised in our last post, today I am here to go on with publishing festival looks, bringing you guys three more proving that you can skip the cliche with style and having fun!

What would Lana do wear?

Inspired by Lana del Rey’s outfit on that iconic Born to die Video scene of her running to her man on his car and also by the lyrics of her song Diet Mountain Dew that start with “Baby put on heart-shaped sunglasses…”, I have created this image of what would the Lana of the screen (because in real life she dresses pretty chill) would wear on Coachella or any other festival.

Festival Looks

{ shorts + bolsa + camisa + óculos + tênis }

 She loves guns and roses.

Another Lana title, but just to illustrate this beautiful mix of two feminine sides: the soft, romantic and bohemian of the lace and light pink with the hardcore, sexy and rock n’ roll leather and black. The results is tons of style! #GORGEOUS

Festival Looks

{ blouse + bralet + skirt + bag + boots + sunnies }

Desert Lady

A very nice upgrade to a basic festival look. The studs and applications on the shorts and on the bandanna choker make a HUGE difference, and the light tons of beige and jeans keep it light and for day time.

Festival Looks

{ shorts + top + choker + sunnies + bag + boots. }

So, what you think? What is your favorite from all festival looks so far? Tell me! Personally, I personally, everytime I do a collage I just one to shop the whole look! Hahaha.

xxxx  BK.

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Festival Outfits! #01


I’m a fan of having some fun while creating you festival outfits, specially Coachella outfits, where people are always going an extra mile and doing their best! Today I am starting my first inspiration series, with three posts on Festival Outfits, three outfits each post. Hope you enjoy it!

Festival Outfits – Rock Attitude.

From all styles of festival outfits, believe me, at Coachella, the less used is the rocker look. Most of the looks are just very bohemian and California looking. For standing out of the crowd I would definitely go with this one, with shirt with top buttons open and tucked inside shorts and the skinny scarf thrown on your neck. Even more specifics, I would do just a bunch of braids in my hair and rock some bright red lips, what you think?

Festival Outfits - Coachella Style - Rocker.

{ shirt + scarf + boots + shorts + belt + sunnies }

Festival Outfits – Mod Queen.

If Twiggy were to show up at the desert, this would be exactly what she would wear. Imagine lots of mascara and some little stars placed around your eyes. #GORGEOUS.

And OMG, can we all just DIE right now for this bodysuit? It’s lingerie – but hey, who cares?

Festival Outfits - Coachella Style

{ shorts + boots + bodysuitt + hat + bag + ósunnies }

Festival Outfits – Not So Simple.

And if you just want to go with a more “simple” outfit, here is an idea to avoid the boredom of the blue jeans, tee and boots combination. I’ve pick this amazing high waisted shorts and loose top, a confortable fits-all bag and boots matching, sunnies and one accessory and you are ready to go! Totally #Goals right? Like when Rosie decides to show up.

Festival Outfits - Coachella Style

{ boots + shorts + top + bag + choker + sunnies }

What you think? Which one is your favorite? Ready to go? If you enjoy this outfits collages, you should definately check our instagram!



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Coachella: Practical Tips! How to be ready for a day at the festival.


Coachella. When we heard this name we already think about the outfits, am I right? Although I will be soon doing some inspiring content for the festival season, today we will be talking about Coachella practical tips when getting ready to and planning you day at Coachella, what you need, what works and what doesn’t! Because we go in style OF COURSE, have fun ALWAYS, but no suffering is needed.

First day at Coachella 2016. - Coachella Pratical Tips.

First day at Coachella 2016. – Coachella Pratical Tips.

What is your Coachella?

As always, I will start this with a disclaimer. My tips here are for the people who will be actually enjoying the festival the whole day or at least the afternoon until the night. If you will be spending more than 3 hours in location, do consider this tips carefully. If you are just popping for one concert and leaving, maybe you will be fine with heels or whatever you want to dress. And yes, some people go all the way to Indio and just stay a couple hours at  Coachella. BUT, I’m considering my amazing readers will be there enjoying the most they can!

Attention to weather swings!

The weather at Coachella changes so much from year to year! In 2012 when I was there the first time, I had to buy this huge hoodie a night on day one because it was so cold and  I couldn’t handle it, and I was already in a long skirt and sweater! The day after the sun was shining like nothing happened. In 2014 there was a sand storm one day at night and suddenly sunglasses and scarves were life savers because we just needed to protect our eyes.

It is always a mix of hot days and windy night, sometimes too hot and windy, sometimes just fine. After all, this is a desert we are in! So just consider that your outfit needs to be adaptable for all this changes.

★ Practical Tips.

I like to go with summer clothing and take a sweater and/or a jacket with me, in a bigger purse or on my waist. Careful not to take too much stuff that you feel heady and trapped to it, you will want to be loose and free to walk and dance.

But combining three layers for me is what works best: a cropped top or even a bikini top + a shirt, tee, tank top or even a thin sweater + a jacket or at least a heavy scarf. If you arrive in the beggining of the day, you will be walking around in your top just fine, as most girls will be too. This way you don’t have to sweat the hot sun on you, literally. As the day goes by, you will just be covering up from the wind.

Scarves also very very useful.

Coachella 2014, day two - Coachella Practical Tips.

Coachella 2014, day two. Here I’m wearing this sweater with a bikini top under it, that you can see in the next picture. This day was so hot girls were taking their tops and staying in their bras!

Choose shoes CAREFULLY.

Shoes are for me 50% of my outfit. But also 50% of my comfort. The whole venue is in grass… So yes, you can wear block not so high heels. But honestly, don’t go crazy with the party heels for this, it jut can not look good. I recommend flat boots or block heels boots, stylish sneakers or espadrilles like Toms.

★ Practical Tips.

I absolutely love Zara boots for this. They are the most comfortable ever and I can save my designer boots from any damage that can occur. Oh, and Hunter Boots might sound like the best idea ever in a not so tropical festival, likeMoss the muse wore on Glastonbury, but at Coachella you would just melt, DON’T!

Coachella 2014, quando o sol estava muito forte! - Coachella Dicas Práticas


And since we are on the weather subject, let’s please take a second to acknowledge the care our skins will need on those days, deal? The most important thing is of course using a decent sunscreen. If you can only take one product with you to the venue, take your sunscreen and reapply it whenever possible.

You don’t want to be all red and burnt on your first day, trying to cover up with make up the next day and just making more damage to your skin while trying to clean it… Plus, we are all too bright to not be worrying about ageing and skin cancer, right?

If you have extra space I recommend: a thermal water and a face moisturizer. The good news is that all of these three products are sold in mini bottles, so they are easy to carry around. The thermal water is for hydratying and calming your skin with so much sun and the moisturizer will help with the care and protection needed for exposure to a windy weather after so many hours in the sun.

If you are not used to wearing this products, please talk to a dermatologist and have the needed orientation.

★ Practical Tip.

I know we want to look gorgeous, after all Coachella does feel like a fashion show somethimes… And believe me, I love make up and creating looks with it… But, in this case, I strongly believe less is more. Way less to be honest.

Forget completely about primer, foundation and concealer and just go with tinted SPF with a nice coverage. My favorite is called Episol from Mantecorp, a Brazilian pharmaceutical company. It leaves you with a nice glowing complexion… Just try a few and I’m sure you will find the one.

This way you can take it and reapply as needed, both assuring a fresh look and protection. If you are all coverd in make up how are you going to reapply sunscreen. And even worst, how do you expect to be able to maintain a full face make up in a hot weather, with limited purse space and bathroom space? It just can get meassy too easily.

And fresh does look better in this case. Apart from the tinted SPF, I just fill my eyebrows and do a waterproof mascara.  Done!

Sunscreen, mascara and eyebrows filled. Coachella 2016. - Coachella Practical Tips.

Sunscreen, mascara and eyebrows filled. Coachella 2016.


I am guessing you will be wanting to register those Coachella moments… For your phone, I recommend you to get a power bank like this one. I’ve told you about power outlets in location on the post about the  Coachella VIP, but let’s mind this: would you like to have to stay one hour of the festival sitting down just waiting for your phone to charge? Also, late in the evening and at night these things can be pretty busy.

If your photo game is strong and you prefer to take a camera with you, know that Coachella won’t let you enter with what they call “professional cameras”. But professional for them means anything with detachable lenses. So if you have a professional camera with fixed lenses, you are fine. If you have a semi-pro with detachable lenses, not.

★ Practical Tips

My secret for upgrading my photos without carrying large volumes or weight is my beloved DxO ONE. It is very small camera you attach to your iPhone and you take amazing pictures with their app. This video shows it all, i totally recommend it!

Documents, Money and Passes.

I don’t see the point of bringing your whole wallet to a festival or any big event for that matter. Not that I think you can be stolen from, but maybe in the excitement of things you will drop something, or forget somewhere…We never know. My suggestion is just take a document, one or two credit cards and the money you need.

Don’t forget also any passes you need. The actual pass for the festival is a wristband, which helps. But you might be having camping, parking or shuttle passes. Just put it all in a safe place, like a inside zipper of your bag.

★ Practical Tip.

Please if you are travelling from outside the USA to Coachella do not take your passport to the festival with you. There is absolutely no reason to do so and if you lose it it will be a huge mess to flight back! I suggest your driver’s license, which they take very fine of most countries or your ID. Better safe than sorry right? #GRANDMA 😉

Enjoy! Coachella 2014. - Coachella Practical Tips

Enjoy! Coachella 2014.

Last, enjoy it to the most, it is a magical experience! Walk around, meet people, see your idols playing, discover new music, have fun, dance and just enjoy the days!

xxx BK!

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Coachella, where to stay: Hotel, Camping or Rental Houses? – Relevant Info.


Writing our guide to Coachella, we covered why you MUST do this at least once in your life and how to actually get tickets and when to go, right? So next it makes sense to talk about where to stay during the festival, covering options on houses, hotels and even camping.

First things first.

It’s quite wrong to make this decision without deciding on how do you want to go to the festival in first place from your accommodations. For example, from a number of hotels you can take a bus shuttle offered by Coachella (you buy access for this) that will be going in and out every 25 minutes or so. If that is your choice, consider either one of the hotels covered by the shuttle lines or a very nearby hotel or house.

On the shuttle, on my way to the festival.

On the shuttle, on my way to the festival. Coachella 2016, we stayed at Hotel La Quinta.

Some houses can be rented with a driver included. As perfect as it may sound, think about the poor cell phone signal, so I suggest at least buying a local sim card, that tends to work better than international providers. Imagine also how confusing it can get if everyone at the house decides to leave the festival at different times, and how hard can it get to find your driver… To me it seems like a big trouble but it is a option and I know some people that made this work.

If you are thinking about driving to the festival, just get parking tickets beforehand. I do not recommend if you don’t have a non-drinking designated driver… Let’s enjoy and have fun and not worry, right?

If you really don’t want to worry at all, don’t want to need to move to get there and just want to stay all day at the festival, consider the inside camps. There are more than one types, from car camping to the luxury Safari Tent. Check the info on the website on the year you decide to go, as it changes quite a bit.

Palm Trees at Coachella Hotel.

Palm Springs, La Quinta, Indio, Rancho Mirage: they are all close, but be sure you have a way to getting to Coachella.

If you’ve been thinking about renting a house.

Know there are AMAZING houses around, for very less than a hotel, specially for large groups. But it seems to me that the most beautiful ones are always further from the festival location, so bare in mind the logistics as said. For a group greater than 5,  i think this is probably the best option, and it is much more fun to just stay together, right? I just recommend you get the house stuff organized before getting there, for example grocery shopping. I know some houses with staff can do this for you or you can just do it before hitting the road in LA.

There are a lot of local websites just for rental during Coachella season, but since I haven’t used any, it’s hard for me to recommend. Two very well-know rental websites of course are AirBnB and HomeAway, so i would probably go with these. By experience, last time I checked the coolest houses were at HomeAway so do check both even thought AirBnB is trending now.

La Quinta, my favorite hotel to stay: the closest to Coachella, the best service and best room and amenities.

La Quinta, my favorite hotel to stay: the closest to Coachella, the best service and best room and amenities. – photo.

Considering a Hotel.

To smaller groups, and even if you want to meet new people and just mingle, I do suggest the recommended hotels on the festival’s website, those that have a shuttle stop as I’ve explained. They are always fun and busy and just happening… The pool tends to get fun and loud and the whole weekend is just a big party, in a nice way. People is waking up to music and drinks, it’s just fun.

That said, you can get to all kind of hotels. The best for me was for sure La Quinta, the one I stayed at last year and also the closest to Coachella. The complete list you can find each year updated on their website, just look for shuttle and the hotels they cover.

The bad thing is there are amazing stylish hotels in the Palm Springs area that aren’t covered byt he shuttles, like Ritz-Carlton Rancho MirageParker Palm SpringsAce Hotel… So it’s kind of choice, less exclusive and closer or more exclusive and further. If you want to stay in a hotel outside the shuttle route, ask the hotel if they have something planned for the guests to go to the festival. Do not count on cabs or Uber… It can take hours for you to get one. In one year me and my friends ended up getting a ride from a Mexican driver called Lazaro IN HIS TRUCK to get close to the festival and had to walk… Funny to remember now but think about how dangerous this could be, getting rides from strangers! But he was very nice… Saved our day!

Tendas de acampamento no Lake ElDorado, dentro do Coachella, opção em vez de hotel.

Camping at Lake ElDorado, inside Coachella, an option to where to stay.- photo.

Camping outside x Camping inside the festival.

To be honest, I don’t get why would anyone camp outside the festival giving the option of camping inside it. There are tons of options inside, from car camping, to cheap tend camping to more luxury ones. The Lake Eldorado Camping is just GORGEOUS! I would definitely try it. Not to mention I heard it’s a big party after hours… If a more chill Coachella is your thing, go for it!

I confess I’ve never done camping, but I would of course try their Safari Tents! They are expensive for a camping, the price of a hotel room or even more expensive, but should be fun. They have air conditioners, private showers and even the decor is cute. I will share a pic of this year’s Tent.

Interior Safari Tent 2017.

Interior Safari Tent 2017.

There are even some people that don’t mind the money and just get a Safari tend to hang out with their friends in between concerts and do a little after party! Just keep in mind that only people with wristbands for Safari Tends will be able to go inside, so if you buy a tend for four, that’s a party for 4 only!

Coachella 2012.

Coachella 2012.

But after all, what Coachella experience you hope to have?

With so many information, I do hope i helped more than made you confused. At last, always ask yourself, what Coachella experience are you seeking? Do you want to get your friends and enjoy together? Rent a place. Just being all day at the festival and not wasting a minute moving or in line to go in, also love some adventures and parties? Camp… Like to party but want something comfortable but also accessible? Hotels… Just keep in mind the pros and cons above and chill, at the end it all works out!


xxxx, BK!

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