Dinner and Drinks atNou Nikkei Cuisine in Curitiba


NOU Nikkei Cuisine 333, Fernando Simas st.

Nou Nikkei Cuisine - Restaurante Nou Curitiba

Well, hello there!

Remember when I was in Curitiba last time and spoke to you about the hotel we always stay in? Today I am back for a new tip, one I learnt on this trip: the Nou Nikkei Cuisine, a modern Japanese restaurant that we loved!


Nou Nikkei Cuisine - Restaurante Nou Curitiba

I very much recommend Nou for couples, groups or a girl nights out. We ate very well, drank nice cocktails and had a lot of fun! The mood of the place is very modern and stylish, dark and sexy yet spacious… A sophisticated feel.

Reservations are recommended.


The nikkei menu offers all we enjoy: sashimi, uramakis and all classics, ceviches, hot dishes like the octopus… A very complete and well executed menu.

Drinks too, lots of options to taste and even share… I will leave you to pictures so you can sneak peek…

Nou Nikkei Cuisine - Restaurante Nou Curitiba

Nou Nikkei Cuisine - Restaurante Nou Curitiba

Nou Nikkei Cuisine - Restaurante Nou Curitiba

Nou Nikkei Cuisine - Restaurante Nou Curitiba

Nou Nikkei Cuisine - Restaurante Nou Curitiba

Nou Nikkei Cuisine - Restaurante Nou Curitiba

Nou Nikkei Cuisine - Restaurante Nou Curitiba

Nou Nikkei Cuisine - Restaurante Nou Curitiba

Nou Nikkei Cuisine - Restaurante Nou Curitiba

Nou Nikkei Cuisine - Restaurante Nou Curitiba

Like it? I am already hungry around here!


Stylishs and well dressed, this two outfits I have for you today are to die for, and allow you to sport the hottest boots right now in the world, right before summer actually kicks in!

Lady Burgundy

The dress with this over-the-knee boots will give you a tasteful and sexy look, which will be even cooler when you sit down and show a little more of the super high boots, very trendy. The bag is also one of the most desired of 2017, and the lipstick adds a final touch.

Nou Nikkei Cuisine - Restaurante Nou Curitiba

{ Dress + Boots + Lipstick + Bag. }


This look is a lot more fashionista, but also clean with basic cuts. This pieces by themselves are also great to have in your wardrobe. The vinyl leather skirt is also super trendy and is here featured in midi length for a more dress up look. The basic tank breaks it down and I add the most wanted boots of the year, i don’t even know how this pair is available! At last, a clean light gray bag that won’t fight the rest.

Nou Nikkei Cuisine - Restaurante Nou Curitiba { Skirt + Tank Top + Boots + Bag. }

My Look

And last, what I wore! I had earlier that day a Baby Shower I attended and I went in directly after! The dress is a Lovers + Friends dress from a few seasons back, worn with a Chanel bag and Valentino heels.

That’s all,

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Summer in Monaco at Monte-Carlo Beach Club.


Monte-Carlo Beach Club

Sun is shining over lined up yatchs. Women are sporting their Deauvilles, Birkins and even their basket bags… Men in khaki pants and hats… You get the picture. It is summer, it is Monaco, what to do?

Verão em Mônaco - Monte-Carlo Beach Club

The obvious option is getting yourself  a boat, or maybe get invited to one, but we are here turning to the option of exploring Monte-Carlo wonderfully well. And my first choice would be, for sure, spending a day at the Monte-Carlo Beach Club.

Part of the Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer, which owns the Casino de  Monte-Carlo and others together with hotels like Hôtel de Paris and Hotel Hermitáge, the Monte-Carlo Beach Club is open for access for all guests of hotels of their group or under reservation at their restaurants or cabanas.

We are talking about a day club complete with pool, loungers, cabanas, service, restaurants, music and very nice atmosphere. This is not you party beach club at all. At the Monte-Carlo Beach Club you will find families, a young crowd, a group of friends, everybody. It is quite  elite, but not in a excessive or arrogante way.

Bottom line: one of favorite thing to do in Monte-Carlo, for sure.

The Pool

The main pool is an iconic olympic pool, with diving boards and surrounded with crowded pool loungers.  It has a very vintage and sophisticated feel, or maybe I watched too many Old Hollywood movies.

Verão em Mônaco - Monte-Carlo Beach Club

Access to the sea and water sports.

Verão em Mônaco - Monte-Carlo Beach Club

At the Beach Club of course you also get the access to the sea, not really a beach as in the large sand strip kind of beach but a very Côte D’Azur beach: rocky and beautiful. The water tends to be on the cold side, but it is emerald green and very clear, worth the jump in.

Some sports available to try are FlyBoard, Jet Ski, Fly Fishing and Parasailing.

Verão em Mônaco - Monte-Carlo Beach Club

Flavor Market at the Le Deck

Verão em Mônaco - Monte-Carlo Beach Club

One of the restaurants at Monte-Carlo Beach Club is the Le Deck at a a pool-view terrace. At Sundays on the warm months (normally from mid-April to mid-October, but you might want to check that first), Le Deck hosts their Flavor Market, a wonderful brunch with a lot of fresh and healthy options (all organic), very riviera, lined up in cute tends inside the restaurant for a chic buffet.

Very summer in Monaco, totally recommend schedule a Sunday in Monte-Carlo just for that.

Verão em Mônaco - Monte-Carlo Beach Club

Verão em Mônaco - Monte-Carlo Beach Club

Verão em Mônaco - Monte-Carlo Beach Club

Verão em Mônaco - Monte-Carlo Beach Club

Verão em Mônaco - Monte-Carlo Beach Club

Verão em Mônaco - Monte-Carlo Beach Club

Verão em Mônaco - Monte-Carlo Beach Club

Verão em Mônaco - Monte-Carlo Beach Club

Verão em Mônaco - Monte-Carlo Beach Club

Verão em Mônaco - Monte-Carlo Beach Club

Restaurants options

On the rest of the week, Le Deck serves a la carte, being their specially everything barbecue.

If you decided to take a cabana during your stay, you can order food from Les Cabanas, which will serve more casual dishes like pizzas and salads.

And last, next to the Beach Club you have the Monte Carlo Beach hotel, where you can access Elsa, a much more chic Michelin starred restaurant.


Monaco is super dressy, in a way that the gym at my hotel sold Fendi activewear. This might sound too much for some, I get it. But as I like to say: “When in Rome, wear gladiators.” So yes, I like to get in the dance and dress up a little more in this town. My suggestions for today:

Golden One

A fun one! ♥ I am big fan of Oran sandals by Hermés, so I included this bright one!

{ One Piece + Kaftan+ Sandals + Hats }

Classic & Chic

LOVING this one! A classic and chic choice. Love the kaftan, zoom in for the details in the link bellow.

{ Kaftan + Bag + Shoes + Bikini + Sunnies. }

Water Girl

And a more sportsy look, for those who will adventure themselves on the water in style! The men shirt gives an extra stylish and sexy touch.

{ One Piece + Shirt + Sandals + Bag + Sunnies. }


And since you all like to know what I wore, links bellow!

Verão em Mônaco - Monte-Carlo Beach Club

Cover-up + One Piece + Sandals + Sunnies }

So, what are your thoughts?



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Videos in Monte-Carlo

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Tangará Jean-Georges: The hottest opening this year in São Paulo.


Tangará Jean-Georges 1501, Dep. Laércio Corte st.

Tangara by Jean Georges at Palácio Tangara

Wow, simply wow. At the beginning of this month I decided to take time and reserve a dinner at the just open Palácio Tangará, an Oetker Collection hotel. More precisely at the also new restaurant Tangará Jean-Georges. A lot to say, but in a few words: absolutely beautiful hotel, delicious dinner, amazing decor and impeccable service… Basically, #DREAM! Let’s see?

Palácio Tangará Hotel

Just absolutely in love with the hotel. I definitly will be taking a weekend and packing a little suitcase and enjoy some staycation there. The whole place reminded me of some gorgeous hotels I saw in France this European summer, like the Eden Roc in Antibes and the Four Seasons Cap Ferrat. Check them here.

All that said, when this happens, I will be sure blogging about it. For now, just a small sneak peek (as I had) of the hotel. Let’s focus on the dinner.

Tangara by Jean Georges at Palácio Tangara Tangara by Jean Georges at Palácio Tangara Tangara by Jean Georges at Palácio Tangara Tangara by Jean Georges at Palácio Tangara Tangara by Jean Georges at Palácio Tangara Tangara by Jean Georges at Palácio Tangara Tangara by Jean Georges at Palácio Tangara Tangara by Jean Georges at Palácio TangaraTangara by Jean Georges at Palácio Tangara


Jean-Georges Vongerichten is a french Chef living in New York and is the head of 24 restaurants in the US and another 15 around the world. Some of you might know some like ABC Kitcken (love it!), The Mercer Kitchen, Jean-Georges and The Mark in New York and also Matador Room (another heart here) in Miami.

The list is long and beautiful, and Tangará Jean-Georges marks the first presence of Jean-Georges in South America, and in such great style. To know more about him check here.

Restaurant, Ambience & Decor

Just like at the hotel, the architecture at the restaurant is gorgeous. Very classic and grandiose. The white building is in focus with beutiful lights and a lot of green around. My kind of place.

The nice thing about the hotel is that the interiors are very modern and masculine looking. Very sober even a little bit industrial in some details. Not you expect from outside. I just love it. The restaurant decor is a little bit more classic, but not the much. A very nice combination.

The mood is very chill yet chic. We waited 10 minutes at the bar which very nice. Well-dressed and well-educated (in the sense of the finest behavior and tasteful manners) had fun while siping Champagne or cocktails and waiting for their table.

At the restaurant I expected that see-and-be-seen mood since getting a table reservation was quite hard at this first months. Yet, I was surprise to find it all nice and again, tasteful. I hope I making myself clear but I talking about people genuinely having fun and enjoying their dinner instead of the expected stares and scan-downs.

Tangara by Jean Georges at Palácio Tangara

Wine Cellar.

Tangara by Jean Georges at Palácio Tangara


Tangara by Jean Georges at Palácio Tangara

At the bar.

Chef’s table. This was the offered table for us but my party found it to be to hidden and we opted for a table in the main saloon.

Menu & Kitchen

I really enjoyed and approved every dish I had, and I ate very light because I wasn’t too hungry. I ordered the Tuna Tartar as a starter and Shrimp Salad as a main, which is also a starter (I sometimes do that). Everyone else’s plates where looking very nice and I excused myself and took pictures for you. Oh, and I had dessert (who needs hunger for dessert?) and absolutely loved it. It was a salted-caramel-dark-chocolate-popcorn-included sundae. SO GOOD.

The kitchen is very French Bistrô, although it is an important restaurant. And I really like it that way much more than high end french cuisine! (Hate me!) I also got to photograph the menu so you can spy on.

Tangara by Jean Georges at Palácio Tangara Tangara by Jean Georges at Palácio Tangara Tangara by Jean Georges at Palácio Tangara Tangara by Jean Georges at Palácio Tangara Tangara by Jean Georges at Palácio Tangara Tangara by Jean Georges at Palácio Tangara Tangara by Jean Georges at Palácio Tangara Tangara by Jean Georges at Palácio Tangara Tangara by Jean Georges at Palácio Tangara Tangara by Jean Georges at Palácio Tangara Tangara by Jean Georges at Palácio Tangara Tangara by Jean Georges at Palácio Tangara

So, impressions? Let me know what you think in the comments. I want to go back asap.

Dress Code

Sincerely, anything a bit dressed up and more neat. I consider heels to be a must unless you are absolutely sure what you are doing and compensating it some way. Night out dresses to even simple long ones are good. I would stay away from glittery and shiny or anything too gala as it is too much, but you might be able to get away with it!

Tangara by Jean Georges at Palácio Tangara

{ dress + heels + bag }

Tangara by Jean Georges at Palácio Tangara

{ skirt + shirt + earrings + bag + heels }

Oh, what to see what I wore?

Tangara by Jean Georges at Palácio Tangara

Chanel Bag + Emilio Pucci Dress + Valentino Heels + Cashmere Wolford Stockings +  Doma Leather Jacket}



Now do yourself a favor and find a table!

xxx, BK.

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Where to stay in Curitiba: meet Nomaa Hotel.


Nomaa 168, Gutemberg st. – Batel, Curitiba. (Where to stay in Curitiba). Book at booking or hotéis.com.

Nomaa - where to stay in Curitiba

Breakfast in bed.

Where to stay in Curitiba is a question I always get. People from outside the state tends to believe that us from Londrina (north of Paraná) goes a lot the the Capital, but that isn’t really the case. Most of us Londrineses just prefer to go to Sao Paulo more often than going to Curitiba. It is almost the same distance, with more flight options and overall we are very connected with Sao Paulo.

So, I am no expert in Curitiba, BUT, over the last year I have visited the city a few times and may I say, I absolutely LOVE that place. I have no problem in praising Curitiba at all! And yes, I will be sharing my tips, favorites and recommendations, as always! And we will start that with where to stay in Curitiba, which I will recommend a thousand times the hotel called Nomaa, at batel neighborhood.

Nomaa - where to stay in Curitiba

Nomaa – Lobby.


First, Batel is indeed the nicest neighborhood of Curitiba. It is crowded with restaurants with more opening everyday, it has my favorite mall in town the Shopping Pátio Batel and the neighborhood by itself is just very nice, clean, beautiful and calm.

Nomaa is located at Batel and just close to everything I love in the city.

Nomaa - where to stay in CuritibaArchitecture & Decor

Last start stating this is a very boutique/design hotel, my favorite type. It is the first 5 starts in Curitiba, a piece of information we tend to look over but highly important. Outside more busy capitals in Brazil it is extremely rare to find a hotel like that, but Curitiba has the demand and talent for such thing.

It is quite modern and cosmopolitan, which reminds me a lot of a Fasano or Emiliano hotel. The Lobby is cozy yet chic. All spaces are pretty small, but very well distributed.

Nomaa - where to stay in Curitiba

The room.

My favorite part, the room. Very illuminated, in light colors with wood panels and marbles everywhere. I find the room to be the perfect combination of style and comfort. I love to say that you might noticed, and I hope you understand what I mean, but this is definitely my definition of clean and sexy, my favorite feeling to have in any given space. Very nice wide bathroom also, amazing bed and linings… Well, #HomeAwayFromHome

Nomaa - where to stay in Curitiba

Accessing Nomade, the restaurant located above the Lobby.

Restaurant & More.

There is no pool and I haven’t tested the SPA, but for what I understood it is just a room with serviced ordered from outside. The fitness area thought I have enjoyed a lot. It is a small campact gym with all the equipment you need that you didn’t even know could fit there. All my workout routine was kept without any problems.

The Nomaa restaurant is a shining star on its own, the well awarded Nomade. The (included) breakfast is just amazing, with a la carte options like French Toast and their delicious interpretation of Eggs Benedicts. This top dishes can also be found on their sunday Brunch, together with more lunch-y dishes, when tables easily sell out – so get a reservation beforehand.

Also recommended is getting a full Chef Menu for dinner. Definitely save a meal in your stay for Nomade. This is not only where to stay in Curitiba but also PLEASE DINE IN. lol.

Personal notes.

A lot of people tends to compare Nomaa price with other hotels in Curitiba and find it to be overpriced, but the true is you can’t really compare Nomaa with any other hotel in the city. For the service, room and experiences you get, it is the right price, and specially cheap if compared with a room at Fasano or Emiliano, although I do understand prices in those cities are of course higher than in Curitiba. But still, this is a personal feeling.

I really love the experiences of staying in Nomaa. I wish I had more weekends to go to Curitiba and yes, enjoy the city and all the nice things it has to offer but also staying in the hotel. I am a big fan of hotels, so when I love one, I really commit.

Hope you enjoy. I have a video in portuguese of my weekend stay in Curitiba you might want to peek, as you can see more of where I went to while in Curitiba this last time and what I did, so I will leave you to it…



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Basket Bags, YES or NO? + How I deal with trends.


Basket bags, that is today’s subject. Because it has really been on my mind, I decided to take some space here to talk about it!

{Inspo: Jane Birkin caring her iconic Basket Bag.}

Trends, trends…

I am really not a big fan of trends, or at least I am not trend follower you could say, unless something really fits my personality. Which is very strong so hard to confuse. But, in rare occasions, some trends scream BARBARA and I just HAVE to join the party. Have to.

The really big thing here is that I do care this said trend to my life, or at least some good seasons and years, not just during the hype. Specially if I am about to do some big investment. So, when I see something going big and catching my eye, I ask myself, For how long will I wear it?

For example, I was incredible tempted to get a Gucci Dionysus bag, which has been hot for more than a year now. The metal detail is very much me, the size is excelente, and I never owned a Gucci bag ever! But, I knew the logo printed ones (with our without embroidery) wouldn’t be a lasting love for me, as I tend to get bored of prints easily. So I considered getting a solid red one. I would get a black one but I just have so many black bags by now. So… I never found it. So I never got it. And the wish for one is kind of going away…. I think.

Searching for Summer Bags.

Lately, I have been searching for summery riviera-looking bags, both for a day at a beach club or summer city walking and shopping and all casual summer traveling moments. I wanted something with a bit more style and charm than the classic Chanel Deauville or the Goyard St Louis, and I keep dreaming of a vintage picnic Hermés Kelly our a vintage straw Chanel for a few years, but never even got to search for one because I have never buy vintage bags before and am not sure how I feel about it!

{ Passou na minha cabeça: bolsas vintages Chanel, uma Hermés Picnic Kelly e a Fendi Baguette em Palha.}

{ On and off my mind: vintage Chanel straw bags, the Hermés Picnic Kelly and the Fendi Baguette also in straw.}

I wanted something very Brigitte Bardot in Búzios looking, or summery Jane Birkin. I hope you get my references: something cute, chic and timeless… The above choices are the top choices in my head, and i still hope to find one to hold on to forever in my collection!

Basket Bags #EVERYWHERE!

In the mean time, this European/American summer has been taken by basket bags from all kinds of brands and simply everyone involved someone with fashion has been sporting their own. One of the most seen bags of the seasons are those from Cult Gaia in different sizes… Personally, I think it is gorgeous but not very practical. But literally all bloggers, socialites and models of the world have been seen with them. (I might be exaggerating with the ALL but you get the idea)

{ Bolsa Cult Gaia, foto: Visual Therapy. }

{ bag by Cult Gaia, credit: Visual Therapy. }

And, in the more designer side, Prada launched its gorgeous basket bag collectios that are really really growning on me. I just want to see them in person for the sizes and colours and see how I feel with carrying them…

{ Prada’s Basket Bag, one of many. Credits: Chouquette. }

At least, just recently, AC Brazil surprises us with their selection of stlylish mini basket bags and I simply could not handle it! If you are not familiar with the brand, AC Brazil is a brazilian fast fashion acessories brand that has a very cool selection of trendy bags and amazing sunglasses, from which my favorite is this one and is always on my bag. You probably have seen it on my vlogs.


{ Bolsas AC Brazil, super fofas! Minha preferida é essa.}

{ AC Brazil bags, too cute to handle! My favorite is that.}

Decisions, decisions…

So… After much dreaming and thinking (lol) this is what I decided: I just ordered mine from AC Brazil.  Just because I knew coming my next summer trip and I had none I would be really bummed.

Like, true sadness.

So, since I am a big fan of this brand and every time I don’t get something from them it gets sold out, we have something coming in soon! Promising right here right now to show it in video, ok?

And about the more high end ones. I will be checking for those available at Prada, but I am still unsure about it. Maybe seeing in person bight clarify something… So unless I really fall in love with it, I will be waiting for a Chanel relaunch, which is really possible, they always do that. Might take years but worth the wait. I am really not sure I would face the investment for a Picnic Kelly, as it is not a very used bag, and I don’t even know if they are still made, so I trust the change for a Chanel one best. In the mean time I can have fun with my mini cutie. What you think?

Can’t wait to get it!

And if you still need more visual inspiration to see if this is for you or not, more pictures bellow!

xxx, BK!

Inspiration Land!

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Cestello – Comida maravilhosa, ambiente moderno em Florença.


Cestello Piazza di Cestello, 50124

Hello there! Today we will be talking about this restaurant in Florence with perfect vibes. Just to die for food, nice music and crowd. It is located at Cestello square and it will be the only restaurant I will be writing about from Florence because well, it is the only one I have been to that I would recommend. Shall  we?

Mood & Decor

Maybe I needed more time to explore the city but this is the second time I am in town and this was suck a highlight of all restaurants. I am holding back not to call it young and cheerful because it really isn’tm but it is as close as it gets to what I have found around town.

The decor is modern with some classic touches, creating a very cool ambience… The outside tables feel more cool and casual while inside more dressed up and nice. You will find both dressed up couples having  a romantic dinner and a young crowd getting together for wine in mini dresses and sneakers! I quite like it.


Cestellos specializes in seadfood, with a nice raw seafood and fish bar in display including a tank for lobsters to choose from. But it alsos carries meats. I was very impressed with the dishes, from presentation to of course, flavors. Just amazing.

Come see!

Starting out.

Tuna Tartar, very fresh.

Tuna again, carpaccio. Just perfect.



Shrimp carpaccio with pasta.


Fresh fish of the day baked in salt crust.

Dress Code.

You already know it but worth remembering: when I write Dress Code here, it is just a suggestion. In this Cestello case, feel free to dress up or down. I even decided to leave you guys to this two different options with the same dress. How nice?

{ Dress down: dress + bag + boots. }

{ Dress up: dress + heels + clutch + earrings. }

If you want to know what I wore that day, this is also when we walked at night in town, the video is up here! Also some pictures of my outfit when we talked about what to buy when in Florence.

And that’s all!




Four Seasons Firenze – The Perfect Luxury Hotel in Florence


Four Seasons Hotel Firenze

Check prices and book your reservations at Booking or Hotels.com.

Four Seasons Florença

Detalhes Cúpula Hall

I don’t even know where to start from! We were from a very short stay in Milan, so now let start on with Florence, and the hotel were we stayed!




I must and will start with compliments, because it really is so beautiful… Definitely this Four Seasons equals luxury hotel in Florence.

Before I get in the usual topics,  I want to tell you my first impression coming inside the hotel was, WOW. That’s surreal. It is hard to hold the pounding heart and be more professional here, it is the combination of history and sofistication to such a level of perfection that will just make you, well, speechless. All the details are gorgeous, from the room, to the restaurant and most importantly the garden and the lobby.

ALL the love put out there, I will now hold it and describe everything as seriously as I can, so you can judge from the info, pictures and who knows, maybe in a next adventure?


First things, first. Where a hotel is located is probably the number one worries, right? This is for me, a hotel close to the best historical places and also the best stores, streets and restaurants. We are considering 10-15 minutos walk whatever direction. WELL, there are TONES of more “well located” luxury hotels if you are looking for just shopping or just tourism… But smaller, not that much special options. This resumes as an amazing hotel that you normally would get only being really far away from the main attractions, but within minutes!

On my videos (at the end of this post), you will see I have visit the Belmond too. Although it is AMAZING, and even more “me” (more nature, less history) it is much more distant and private… but to each, its charm..

So yeah, 10 out of 10 in location this one. Four Seasons is amazing, quite movie-like or dream-like, and inside the town, but still very private and exclusive.

Architecture & Decor

You just WILL feel like in a movie when you step in the place, no doubt. The hotel has a very Renascence architecture, with hand-painted ceilings and lots and lots of details and arts. In special in the main building.

There was located Giardino della Gherardesca, a convent and Palazzo (palace) della Gherardesca in the 15th century, which today hold the Four Seasons. Still, some modern touches soften the very classic mood, with for example, some contemporary art in the gardens.


The very nice breakfast is served at La Magnolia, on the ground floor, in a classic and beautiful terrace.

At the garden, we have, for lunch and dinner, Il Palagio, given one Michelin star. I found the outside tables very pretty and scenic, also seen on the videos. Most special is a table located inside a green cave, build naturally with living trees and their branches, such a magical spot! It is a well know restaurant in town, so reservations are advised.

And last, Al Fresco, around the pool, and the name says it all. Very summery, very pool vibes. For a tranquil lunch, grabbing a gelato or even ordering to eat poolside…

Il Palagio

This really makes the hotel very complete, you could definately have a whole weekend in the Four Seasons without leaving the hotel.


To a relaxing day by the pool, I wote this vintage cover up I got in Punta del Este.

Their pool is delicious and relaxing, the decor and restaurant around helps, without it it would just feel like a pool in a gardem. Next to it is the SPA, very very special and a really complete gym.

The gardens are an experience by themselves. Walking around it, siting for chatting, reading or taking pictures (of course!)…. It is all special… you can peek here.

As a city, Florence is very historical and calm. A few days well accommodate in hotel terms goes a long way… Just like relaxing at Four Seasons Firenze, without much schedule and things to do, is paradise. Ocasionally leaving for strolling, tourism, shopping and oh, italian food!


Definitely special! I have toured the room  in this video. Very large, luxurious, amazing… A peaceful, gorgeous and well illuminated bathroom in marble also gets bonus points. And the details, like a large wardrobe, sofas, a small office… Home away from home, promise!

WOW! I think that is it! Wonderful, don’t you think?

xxx, BK!

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More Four Seasons Firenze in these videos:

Aquazzura: The shoes I fell in love with. Or, what to shop for when in Florence.


Hello! It took me a while to actually write this promised post BUT here we are. We have already spoken a bit about it in my Instagram and also on my Vlog (portuguese), still, the love is real so I wanted to take time to share a bit more related to my love for Aquazzura shoes.

Shoe Heaven. Campaign shot by Diego Diaz Marin.

Aquazzura & Me.

Getting to know each other…

I first heard of the brand in 2014, when a collab between Aquazurra and Olivia Palermo took place, with a gorgeous collection. At the time I had no idea but the brand was created in 2011 by Edgardo Osorio.

For me, there is something about man designing shoes that is pure magic. I am a big fan of Brazilian shoemaker Alexandre Birman. To me, men’s vision of what should be on our shoes is gorgeous, sexy and charming – all in a very delicate way. The results are, of course, gorgeous, sexy and charming… Something about how they think ankle wraps, delicate straps, the color palette, the leather quality to touch… Well, they are both my favorite shoes brands today.

But back to the Italian of them. I was, for quite some time, flirting with a pair of Wild Things, the most classic model of the brand. I knew I wanted a red one. In the highest heel, since there is also a midterm and a lower heel. But I had one fear: since I could only find this online, how could I know my size since I had never tried or owned any Aquazurra shoes?

The Wild Things, in Florence.

Finally, we met!

Between shopping for other pieces and having them always back on my mind, it took me a few years to get my feet on what would be my very first Aquazzura heels. When they opened a store in Miami, I was able to check for my number, but I did not find my dream color… How frustrating! Until, this year in my birthday, I was gifted one by my fiance, Davi. I must say, he probably was checking Farfetch every few days because I also did and never found one!

Today, I own two pair of shoes of this brand, but am also sure this number will grow a lot. I now have my eyes on a few different ones, still searching for the colors I want in my size. There are so many models and colors, sometimes is hard to find the exactly one you are lusting for. Or you can just let yourself be seduced by a new idea like I did with my second pair, which was a total spontaneous not planned purchase. But overall, I know exactly what I want and need (thanks to hours of online window shopping), so sometimes it gets complicated. But I am always on the quest, no matter what.

About this second pair, I got them in Florence, the hometown of Aquazurra. I’ve unboxed it in this video. It is in portuguese but you can peek the little art piece. How happy I was to be at the Aquazurra Flagship store in Florence! If there is something you must shop for in Florence is a pair of Aquazurras! Imagine, getting your very first one from there, how lovely!

Oh, You can read more about the brand  here.

Aquazzura Shoes: The Classic

If it is all news for you, I wanted to leave you with the most classic models for you to start you shoe lust! Some are even currently at sale at FarFetch. For the shoes you get, the price is AMAZING. Such a good sale!

On top is the silver Christy flats... On the side in Suede Black is the Sexy Thing and underneath it, the Burgundy Sexy Thing. The red heel is my beloved Wild Thing also shown in nude. Next to it, the black Christy flats. The slippers are called Ananas and you see them in Royal blue and green. Last, their famous ankle boots: Brooklyn in blue velvet & the Downtown in nude suede.


Another detail to share is that the brand is definitely for the women born to travel like me. On their website there is a small section introducing the Aquazzura Destinations capsule collection, which is just, so chic, together with travelling tips. I have checked all the tips and must say, they are excellent, so trust it!

Dicas Malibu por Aquazzura, eu endosso!

Malibu tips x Aquazzura, I agree with them!

More Inspiration

And more, to end this in an amazing mood, my favorite Aquazzura campaign, from summer 2013. It is simple as in not over produced, fun and sexy… Well, just amazing. Also shot by Spanish photographer Diego Diaz Marin, at Italian riviera. Enjoy!

Aquazzura Campaign SS 2013 x Diego Diaz Marin

Aquazzura Campaign SS 2013 x Diego Diaz Marin

Aquazzura Campaign SS 2013 x Diego Diaz Marin

Aquazzura Campaign SS 2013 x Diego Diaz Marin

Aquazzura Campaign SS 2013 x Diego Diaz Marin

Aquazzura Campaign SS 2013 x Diego Diaz Marin

Aquazzura Campaign SS 2013 x Diego Diaz Marin

So, which shoes you want ASAP?

xxx, BK!

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